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Viva la Bordeaux!

Corey Bailey

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>The thing is, these days it is possible to make pretty blameless power
>amplifiers without too much effort.  Yes, the Benchmark is great, but
>there are plenty of other amps out there that are pretty close to it.
>Hell, even Technics is making some decent power amplifiers today!  I never
>thought that would happen.
>You no longer need to go to extremes and bias everything way into class A
>to avoid crossover distortion like you did in the seventies.
>What's so hard about servicing the Audio Research, though?  There's very little
>in there (except maybe the output transistors) not available off the shelf.
>Disclaimer: I am still using a boatanchor Citation II amplifier to run the
>monitors here.  Sometimes I swap it out for a modern amplifier and the
>top end becomes a little more crisp and the bottom end damping changes
>but it never is enough change to make me want to spend money on a new amp.
>I reviewed the Benchmark and it was super clean but I could buy a pair of
>Josephson 617s for that money and still have enough left over for a case
>of Bordeaux.
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