[ProAudio] Amplifier suggestions?

Scott Dorsey kludge at panix.com
Tue Feb 8 07:05:09 PST 2022

The thing is, these days it is possible to make pretty blameless power
amplifiers without too much effort.  Yes, the Benchmark is great, but
there are plenty of other amps out there that are pretty close to it.

Hell, even Technics is making some decent power amplifiers today!  I never
thought that would happen.

You no longer need to go to extremes and bias everything way into class A
to avoid crossover distortion like you did in the seventies. 

What's so hard about servicing the Audio Research, though?  There's very little
in there (except maybe the output transistors) not available off the shelf.

Disclaimer: I am still using a boatanchor Citation II amplifier to run the
monitors here.  Sometimes I swap it out for a modern amplifier and the 
top end becomes a little more crisp and the bottom end damping changes
but it never is enough change to make me want to spend money on a new amp.

I reviewed the Benchmark and it was super clean but I could buy a pair of 
Josephson 617s for that money and still have enough left over for a case
of Bordeaux.

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