[ProAudio] Caig Labs Cramolin

Tim Požár pozar at lns.com
Tue May 11 08:03:33 PDT 2021

The application I had/have in mind is DIMM sockets for memory.  For a 
couple of years, my company provided the high availability network for 
the BLM and Pershing County Sheriff at Burning Man.  To do that, we have 
a couple of large SKB racks full of gear that is located in the "tech" 
trailer at the Joint Operations Compound where Pershing Sheriff and BLM 
personal is located.  This includes a couple of dispatch centers, a 
jail, etc..

If anyone has been to Burning Man knows about the alkali dust on the 
Playa[1] that gets into everything.  The tech trailer has a room with 
our gear in it with some air conditioning and a standard door that 
really doesn't stop the dust from getting in there.  After pulling our 
gear our, we will use air compressors to blow out most of the dust 
through the vents. But that doesn't seem to address most of the dust 
that is in the gear.  In turning up an Aruba Wireless Controller last 
week to prep for a sale of the gear, it booted complaining about ECC 
memory errors.  Cracking open the box, I found the insides completely 
caked in a thick layer of playa dust.  Another compressed air blow out 
got almost all the dust off the boards and with some moist towels I was 
able to rid most of the surfaces of the dust.

But here is the problem. The dust is so small and corrosive, it can get 
into connectors such as DIMM sockets. Once I removed the memory and used 
a contact cleaner on the DIMM socket, the box was able to boot w/o the 
memory problems. This reminded me of my broadcast engineering days when 
I used red and blue Cramolin on Molex connectors such as the ones on my 
MCI JH-110 decks. That started me on the search for more red and blue 
Cramolin in the states.

Thanks all that responded to the thread.  Sounds like I have a number of 
good pointers to contact cleaners I can get in the US.



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