[ProAudio] Caig Labs Cramolin

Scott Dorsey kludge at panix.com
Tue May 11 05:17:17 PDT 2021

> Neither is Cramolin Red a contact cleaner. Oleic acid is mildly corrosive; 
> for unplated metal like brass patch-bay plugs (or flaws in nickel or gold 
> plating) it?s great for removing oxidation but should be washed off with 
> a neutral solvent unless you?re going to follow it with Cramolin Blue.

I would argue that is the point of a contact cleaner, to remove minor
oxidation from older contacts.  It's not something you use every day.
And I agree that it only is a temporary fix for connectors and switches
whose plating has worn through.  

But it is an absolute miracle when dealing with rotary switches and slide
switches on equipment that has been sitting for decades in a damp basement.
Most of those switches have base metal contacts because the scraping action
when they are switched keeps them clean.  But decades of storage can get
them to the point where they can't clean themselves and then Cramolin is
a marvelous thing.

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