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Thu Feb 18 13:13:56 PST 2021

The only reason I can think of would be if the mic is in an area with lots
of particulates in the air, like smoke. Leaving the polarization on will
not hurt anything but if there is any amount of junk to be pulled from the
air and adhered to the insulation of the microphone that might mean you'd
need to clean it sooner, but that's a really long shot.

David Josephson

On Thu, Feb 18, 2021 at 12:12 PM Paul Kraus via ProAudio <
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> I have been using an RE-27 (dynamic) mic for my Zoom calls, so it is
> always sitting on my desk hooked up and ready to go (just like in a radio
> station). I needed to add a second computer, so I grabbed my Beta-27
> (condenser) for the other computer.
> My question is whether there is a good reason to unplug (power down) the
> Beta-27 when not in use? I know the electronics will have slight additional
> wear from being powered all the time, but that is probably less than would
> be caused by power cycling a couple times per day. The question is more
> about the capsule. It is externally polarized (not electret) I am not
> worried about self discharge, but are there other factors that age a
> diaphragm just by being kept polarized?
> Thanks.
>> PK
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