[ProAudio] Microphones in constant use

Paul Kraus paul at kraus-haus.org
Thu Feb 18 12:12:30 PST 2021

I have been using an RE-27 (dynamic) mic for my Zoom calls, so it is always sitting on my desk hooked up and ready to go (just like in a radio station). I needed to add a second computer, so I grabbed my Beta-27 (condenser) for the other computer.

My question is whether there is a good reason to unplug (power down) the Beta-27 when not in use? I know the electronics will have slight additional wear from being powered all the time, but that is probably less than would be caused by power cycling a couple times per day. The question is more about the capsule. It is externally polarized (not electret) I am not worried about self discharge, but are there other factors that age a diaphragm just by being kept polarized?



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