[ProAudio] Lossless audio on YouTube

Bob Olhsson olh at hyperback.com
Sat Apr 24 13:21:13 PDT 2021

NOBODY, other than an audio nerd, is ever listening to or interested in technology! It’s all about capturing or creating an engaging performance. 

Technology can support this or, in too many recent cases, step on it. High quality audio can support an engaging performance but when it also reveals the warts, as surround often has, the technology fails in the marketplace. 

Recordings need to have all of the production decisions made while listening in the delivery format. Recordings, unlike movies, are intended for repeated playing which I think is a higher bar. We went through this same dance during the transition from mono to stereo in the 1960s.

Bob Olhsson

From: Corey Bailey Audio Engineering via ProAudio
…David pointed out that Dolby had done several focus groups &, much to his surprise, the listeners couldn't tell the difference or, didn't care.

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