[ProAudio] FeralA - Recordings released encoded with Dolby A

Bob Shumaker rshumaker at aol.com
Tue Feb 11 12:46:07 EST 2020

II. As for Bob O's comment against the practice of doing elevated dolby level, I agree there was a standard for 185, but as people started to use elevated levels as high as 6 dB over 185, I was seriously concerned about running out of headroom in the Dolby gear if standard dolby level was used, and so as a practice, I see less harm in using an elevated dolby level than to overload the Dolby processor with too hot audio. I always recorded dolby tone as well as 1 kHz @  VU. The Dolby 361 meters, as Richard mentioned, were notoriously inaccurate, I would put a sharpie mark on the real dolby level on the meter, for what it was worth. There was a Dolby tester that could be used for accuracy of the dolby tone or I believe a test point that could be checked.  

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