[ProAudio] FeralA - Recordings released encoded with Dolby A

Bob Olhsson olh at hyperback.com
Sun Feb 9 11:51:37 EST 2020

A problem was that Dolby A was designed for 185 nWb. record levels and assumed tape hiss would be present to mask the artifacts. Elevated Dolby levels were a bad sounding mistake. I asked someone from Dolby about this at an AES show. He rolled his eyes and said “Yes, most Americans get it wrong.” A huge proportion of British pop and classical records during the late ‘60s and ‘70s used properly aligned Dolby.

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From: Richard L. Hess via ProAudio
…Working with John on this has pointed out to me how much damage Dolby A coding/decoding did to a recording. Back in the day, my purist recording friend, Don Ososke from San Francisco never used Dolby as he hated what it did to the music. I tried some dbx and found it horrid, but I needed some NR on the choir recordings I was doing, so I sprung for a pair of 361s and used them, but I'm really glad we have that behind us now.

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