[ProAudio] Western Electric 111C transformers

Bob Katz bobkatz at digido.com
Wed Feb 2 06:07:14 PST 2022

Gawd, this goes back! Now I remember. In the 70's, when I worked in 
Radio and TV, a little before we got some portable "high fidelity" 
microwave relays and long before we got "the Internet" We used to order 
5 kc mono and very occasionally 15 kc stereo lines to do remote symphony 
broadcasts from Bushnell Hall in downtown Hartford via Telco. They were 
VERY expensive and you had to order the lines weeks in advance so that 
Telco could "do their magic". I know that Telco cranked up the EQ 
(actually they rolled off the bottom to get more top) and so the level 
was effectively low and the SNR was terrible over a 5 to 10 mile copper 
run from the hall to the station....  which may have gone through a 
couple of COs. I never looked in the back room to see the "high 
fidelity" demarc where I'm sure I would have found those 111Cs!!!!

I'd hate to see the phase shift....

You guys are taking me WAY WAY back.


On 2/1/22 3:10 PM, David Josephson wrote:
> Because the telephone company was how radio stations sent program 
> material from remote broadcasts to the studio, and from the studio to 
> the transmitter. Many of the 111Cs people have collected were 
> abandoned on telephone backboards in radio stations.
>> On Feb 1, 2022, at 6:51 AM, Bob Katz via ProAudio 
>> <proaudio at bach.pgm.com> wrote:
>> I will definitely post my results.
>> But first I have to find a place in my crowded system to put these 
>> big puppies. They are certainly among the largest piece of audio iron 
>> I've ever seen. I don't understand how a telephone company in the 
>> middle ages decided to make a transformer with such amazing bandwidth!

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