[ProAudio] Western Electric 111C transformers

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We used to call the 15 kHz lines provided by the telephone company 
'Balanced Transmission Lines' back in the day. I used them on live gigs 
that were simulcast. At Sunset Sound (Late 1970's), we ordered a pair to 
go from Capitol Records to Sunset Sound so we could use the live echo 
chambers at Capitol. It didn't work well in spite of all of our efforts.

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>Because the telephone company was how radio stations sent program 
>material from remote broadcasts to the studio, and from the studio to 
>the transmitter. Many of the 111Cs people have collected were abandoned 
>on telephone backboards in radio stations.
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>>I will definitely post my results.
>>But first I have to find a place in my crowded system to put these big 
>>puppies. They are certainly among the largest piece of audio iron I've 
>>ever seen. I don't understand how a telephone company in the middle 
>>ages decided to make a transformer with such amazing bandwidth!
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