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I try to avoid this as it often comes up, "oh, please add metadata to 
the files," well after the project is underway. Some of it can be rather 
time consuming.

The cool thing about BWFMetaEdit is that it embeds an audio chunk MD5 in 
the metadata area, however, I've never warmed to it due to actually 
having it corrupt a file in an earlier version and the less I do with 
large WAV files (I'm doing a good deal of my work at 192/32F these 
days), the better. I generally provide complete-file MD5 files (in the 
format usable by http://getmd5checker.com/ (free) or FastSum (paid) and 
named filename.ext.md5)

With that said, I generally have trusted Samplitude (Sequoia minus a few 
features) to have most things right. That presents some interesting 
information that I don't know precisely what it means, but when it 
offers a dialogue for inputting the CD Text and MP3 ID (ID3) 
information, most things are common to both. It allows a total of 2816 
"letters" for all the entries (and counts you down). There are different 
fields for CD Text and MP3 ID GENRE field, with different available 
presets. I don't know which of the two schema is forcing the 2816 
character limit (or if both have the same limits).

This does write data to markers in the WAV file (I think, I haven't done 
it for a while--most of my work is do the tape transfer and the 
mastering engineer worries about this stuff and archives generally 
produce their own metadata and keep that in their content mastering 
system and I provide technical metadata in a spreadsheet>



On 2021-11-05 7:09 p.m., James Perrett via ProAudio wrote:
> Thanks to a little help from Schwa on Reaper's development team I can 
> now add any metadata I need from Reaper's render menu when I render 
> files for clients. I can add the data to markers for each track or add 
> it manually from the render menu. Reaper can add image files although 
> only to files that contain ID3 tags or Flac files. I don't know if 
> Reaper supports ID3 tags in .wav or aiff files at the moment but it 
> certainly supports all the normal tags.
> James.
> On Fri, 5 Nov 2021 at 18:31, CBAUDIO via ProAudio 
> <proaudio at bach.pgm.com> wrote:
>     I use Metadata Touch:
>     https://www.digitalconfidence.com/MetadataTouch.html
>     That said, when the client wants extra services that require extra
>     time, I will charge for it on a 'time involved' basis, because
>     this usually comes up after a firm estimate is given.
>     Cheers!
>     Corey Bailey
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>>     I use an app called YATE which allows all kinds of meta data,
>>     including engineering notes, etc.
>>     https://2manyrobots.com/yate/
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>>     Eric Seaberg • San Diego
>>     Eric at Seaberg.com
>>>     On Nov 05, 2021, at 4:11 AM, mark whitehouse via ProAudio
>>>     <proaudio at bach.pgm.com> wrote:
>>>     Hi brains trust!
>>>     I have another customer asking for more metadata to be added to
>>>     his audio files as his company requires it for the streaming
>>>     service (not sure about that?)
>>>      I'm aware of the limitations and restrictions of various
>>>     formats but wondering what software people are using these days
>>>     to include as much data as possible
>>>      He has supplied WAV files  and wants Aif, Mp3 and WAV
>>>      I've told him about the limitations and that some info may have
>>>     to be added manually.  but this is what the company has asked
>>>     for to be included "in the file"
>>>>>>               * composer -
>>>>>>               * song titles
>>>>>>               * title of the album on which it was released -
>>>>>>               * year released- 2021
>>>>>>               * track number 1-10
>>>>>>               * album art - attached
>>>>>>               * producer-
>>>     By converting to AIF I've been able to include a fair amount 
>>>     but cant find a way to add the cover art for example.
>>>     any advice would be helpful
>>>     regards
>>>     Mark
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