[ProAudio] Question for Rich Breen re Aluminum discs

Kevin P. Mostyn lists at mostyn.com
Thu Nov 4 10:44:27 PDT 2021

Wikipedia says bare aluminum discs started in late 1920s.



On Nov 4, 2021, at 10:40 AM, Kevin P. Mostyn <lists at mostyn.com> wrote:

Let’s let the original poster clarify his disc. I’m not sure when embossed aluminums first were used. I have a bunch from the mid 1930s that I had Ward Marston transfer. He used standard styli.


On Nov 4, 2021, at 10:36 AM, Scott Dorsey <kludge at panix.com> wrote:

That seems early for an embossed disk.  I have a giant ball stylus that
rides on top of the groove for embossed plastic discs of the forties,
but I have never tried it on embossed aluminum.
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