[ProAudio] Bluetooth Latency (or Baby's First Bluetooth)

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Hi Mike,


I’ve made a few BT designs for domestic speakers, and the latency issue is mostly to do with the Codec.  The default codec (SBC) has a few latency issues, but it should be in the 100mS range rather than seconds.

The standard low latency codec is aptX low latency (renamed now to the catch all aptX adaptive), and this is good enough not to cause lip sync issues when watching films etc.


Because the aptX codecs appear in higher grade machines, you’ll have to go up in price,  and you might find it easiest to get an BT chip R&D evaluation kit, and use this instead.  But these are open boards and need a bit of ( simple) programming.


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On 5/15/2021 6:45 PM, Louis Judson wrote:

I’ve been through the same thing, Mike, with the same Monoprice units when they were on sale for $22. My house is not big enough for the delay to be ignored! The only cool thing about those “transceivers” is that they also have Toslink digital if you like that. Hmm, I wonder if the latency is different using the digital connexion? I also think that it is characteristic of BT not the Monoprice units… 


I then found audio over cat5 cables at PartsExpress for an even lower price, so ran ethernet to the back room and it works pretty well. It’s RCA, not XLR, and sensitive to levels (some hum happens) but no latency…

Thanks for the input, Lou. If I was willing to run wiring, I'd do an analog run and be done with it. But at 78, I'm getting too old and clumsy to crawl through the attic and I was never good at finding a wire once I dropped it through the wall, so it would have to come into the room through a hold drilled through the ceiling at the corner nearest to where I want it, and then run down to the floor in the corner - not as neat as I'd want it. 

As a side note, I'd probably run the audio through Cat5 cable anyway. It's cheap, I have a lot of it, and I've used it successfully for this before. I wire it as if balanced, using two twisted pairs for the left and right channel tip and ring, and another pair each for the sleeve. It makes a bit of an antenna but tolerable for the application, and cheeeeep.  I'm pretty sure that's what's inside the lumps on those Parts Express "extenders," and there are a number of similar gizmos - 4-channel snakes are common. And if I decided to use it for real Cat5 data, the cable would already be there. 

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