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Mon Jun 14 10:11:24 PDT 2021

Yes of course. I used special small size molecules to design my converters. My AD dynamic range is 128dB (A weight). When I remove the weighting, the molecules expand and it drops to 126dB. Sadly, I feel it is important to state that I am joking. It seems like some people do fall for much of the BS. It is not restricted to politics ..RegardsDan LavrySent from Samsung Galaxy smartphone.
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    On 6/14/2021 11:26 AM, Louis Judson
    Even the
      lowly Shure M-267 quoted -129…
    I was told that -128 dBu was a theoretical limit
      because molecules couldn't get any smaller, but 
      (1) That could be incorrect (the fact, the reason, or both)
      (2) That didn't stop a creative marketing department
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