[ProAudio] Can''t Burn CUE/BIN or ISO Files to CD

Jim Brown jim at audiosystemsgroup.com
Mon Jul 19 02:20:32 PDT 2021

Thanks James. Most important question -- what burning programs can take 
the .wav and cue sheet and produce gapless tracks?


On 7/19/2021 1:38 AM, James Perrett wrote:
> It may be worth saying that both cue/bin and ISO. are normally used for 
> data rather than audio. This may be confusing your software or your 
> drive. I don't know why Reaper doesn't export the more normal cue/wav 
> combination. What I do is to create one long .wav file in Reaper (16 
> bit, 44.1 kHz format) and then use a program called CDWave to place 
> track markers and create a cue file. This can then be burnt by most good 
> CD burning software.

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