[ProAudio] Can''t Burn CUE/BIN or ISO Files to CD

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I'm embarrassed to ask but: Have you cleaned the drive? Sometimes, using 
a cleaning disc will help.
The other thing you might try is using another USB port. Windoze will 
re-install the drivers when a device is plugged into another port for 
the first time. The other thing that might work is to completely 
uninstall the device, then reinstall it. At least, this will tell you if 
it is your PC or the device.

Sry if I insulted your intelligence,
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>My drive is a Pioneer BDR-XD05 (USB2.0). Burns .wav just fine, but fails with a "cannot access drive" message. I first was using Reaper, which generated CUE/BIN, then tried Nero. I'm using TY blanks. Have slowed write speed down from 24X to 6X, still won't burn.
>Any ideas? Should I expect any drive do burn ISO?  Should I be using a different drive?  Suggestions for decent free burning software? Or low cost burning software?
>The lowest cost commercial package I've found that says it will do CUE/BIN is Roxio "Easy CD&DVD Burning 2" for $30.
>Thanks, Jim Brown
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