[ProAudio] Semiconductor shortage

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Mon Jul 5 12:45:59 PDT 2021

I recall the big one, with thousands of tubes. It was difficult to run a successful computation, because some tube would quit in the middle. Power down the drawer, replace tube, power up, wait, try again...In the 60's there was a transition from core memories (cubes of woven magnetic cores) to semiconductor memories.In the 80's there was some interest in buble memories, but that faded away.And now we have memory ic shortage...So here we are. Our modern life style demands a lot more memory then can be supported by the present day supply chain. Dan LavrySent from Samsung Galaxy smartphone.
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      No problem.One can make a flip flop out of a dual triode. So 8 tubes can store a byte.?100Mbyte memory (100 million tubes) will take a little more space, run hot and be a little slower -:)
    We had a computer like that in college. Took up a whole room. Took a
    whole semester to write, debug, and run a program.  I'm glad it's
    not  going to be1960 over again. 
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