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Jim Brown jim at audiosystemsgroup.com
Sat Jan 30 14:58:32 PST 2021

Ray has been a bulwark of our community for at least 50 years, a mentor 
to many of us, a principal author of almost a dozen AES Standards, and 
an innovative designer of cutting edge audio systems. In addition to 
major broadcast and performance facilities, he designed very 
sophisticated DSP-controlled reinforcement systems in both houses of 
Congress, their meeting rooms, and the White House. And he is a 
genuinely decent human being.

Jim Brown

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posted by Chris Rayburn on FB:

Hi friends, just wanted to give an update on my Dad (
Ray A Rayburn’s) battle with COVID. Just over 2 weeks ago he fell and 
broke his ankle. After going to the hospital, he went to a rehab center 
to recover where he caught COVID. He was sent to the ER, and has been in 
the ICU for 3 days now. He is on a biPAP machine with 100% oxygen. 
Thursday was rough, yesterday was better, but he reports that today is a 
bit tougher than yesterday. He is able to call us briefly each day but 
can’t take off his biPAP or his blood oxygen falls quickly. It was in 
the low 80’s yesterday, we have not heard where it is today yet. Prayers 
are appreciated, in particular for my Mom (Cornelia Rayburn)

Cross post to the standards group if you think it's OK.


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