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Ray was one of my earliest mentors. We’re worked together on many projects. His depth of knowledge and willingness to share it was infinite. He will be missed. 


My iPhone made me write this. Quotes only below this line. Nothing more to see here. 

> On Jan 31, 2021, at 3:51 PM, Jim Brown via ProAudio <proaudio at bach.pgm.com> wrote:
> Ray was one of the giants of our industry. His contributions are immeasurable -- mentoring many of us, many innovative and important system designs, multiple AES Standards, and a warm personal presence. He was a genuinely decent human being.
> Jim Brown
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> From Ray's son James, from Ray's Facebook page:
> Sad to share that my dad,
> Ray A Rayburnpassed away at 11:09 this morning. While we all have heavy hearts, we’re happy that he did not suffer. Our family wants thank everyone who has reached out with love, prayers and support during these difficult days. More information will be provided later about a celebration of his incredible life.
> --rick chinn
> At 09:03 AM 1/31/2021, you wrote:
>> 0749 update. I don't know if that's 0749 pacific (me) or 0749 mountain (chris)
>> It's not good.
>> Hey there, sadly it looks like we will be switching my Dad to “comfort measures” (morphine) in an hour or so. From there things are expected to decline quickly. We will be with him by video. If you want and are able, send me a quick video we can play for him with a quick fun memory or message. Thanks.
>> If you do facebook, his facebook identity is chris rayburn.
>> If you don't, Chris' email is chris at summitintegrated.com
>> --rick chinn
>> At 05:24 PM 1/30/2021, Bill Whitlock via SC-05-05 wrote:
>>> I'm deeply saddened to hear about Ray. I'm not a praying man, but I'll make an exception here. Ray's been a guiding light for me for decades and is a truly exemplary man as well.  I'm hoping we all get to enjoy his company again soon!
>>> Bill Whitlock
>>> AES Life Fellow
>>> Ventura, CA
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>>> Subject: [SC-05-02] Fwd: ray rayburn
>>> Not official business, but Ray has been an awfully important part of the
>>> audio community and AESSC for many years. He is a principal author of
>>> all Standards produced by SC05-05 and most from SC05-02. And he is a
>>> genuinely decent human being.
>>> Jim Brown
>>>   =  =  =  =
>>> posted by Chris Rayburn on FB:
>>> Hi friends, just wanted to give an update on my Dad (Ray A Rayburn’s)
>>> battle with COVID. Just over 2 weeks ago he fell and broke his ankle.
>>> After going to the hospital, he went to a rehab center to recover where
>>> he caught COVID. He was sent to the ER, and has been in the ICU for 3
>>> days now. He is on a biPAP machine with 100% oxygen. Thursday was rough,
>>> yesterday was better, but he reports that today is a bit tougher than
>>> yesterday. He is able to call us briefly each day but can’t take off his
>>> biPAP or his blood oxygen falls quickly. It was in the low 80’s
>>> yesterday, we have not heard where it is today yet.
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