[ProAudio] Looking to decode Dolby AC-2

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Check out Shutter Encoder. It is shareware intended for video but it also includes audio formats.





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We use a program called dBpoweramp which is available for Mac & PC for all of our audio transcoding.  One of our broadcast delivery systems requires MP2 and dBpoweramp is used for that conversion.  I just tried using it to convert back to WAV and, although I’ve never needed to do so before, it did work.


Info for the app at: https://www.dbpoweramp.com




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Gang...  I am trying to help a station migrate an automation system library. Alas, it is encoded in Dolby AC-2. I can't find a way to convert AC-2 into something more standard. Any pointers to programs / libraries / plug-ins that can support decoding Dolby AC-2 into PCM or something else? Ideally something that I can script up to process 6,000 or so cuts.

Thanks in advance.
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