[ProAudio] Mastering and monitoring for spatial audio

CW Frymire cwfrymire at modernminstrel.com
Sat Apr 17 07:36:12 PDT 2021

Is that not what I'm doing?   Using the 5.1 panner on each track and 
converting the 5.1 to binaural on the 5.1 master output.   Or using the 
ambisonic panner and converting the ambisonic to binaural on the 4 
channel master output.  The goal is a binaural final mix regardless; if 
you are talking headphones.    I'm not talking about starting with 
ambisonic source recordings, just talking about workflow to convert 
traditional multi-track sessions for immersive headphone listening.   I 
admit I'm learning this.....so please let me know what you think is the 
better workflow....I'd love to try it! (Partly, I don't know what you 
mean by "positioned stereo" can you define that for me?)

cheater cheater wrote on 4/17/21 5:53 AM:
> Why not go from 5.1 directly to positioned stereo? It seems like going
> from 5.1 to fixed stereo and then from fixed stereo to positioned
> stereo is not a natural way to achieve the outcome.

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