[ProAudio] !FREE - Sadie Classic Mastering system -FREE!

Graham Newton gn at audio-restoration.com
Wed Apr 14 15:32:04 PDT 2021


I'm still cleaning out all the "stuff" I no longer need.  My wife is 
threatening to put it all in a dumpster if I croak before she does!

Sadie Classic Mastering system. Includes both Sadie cards (X-ACT/X-S), the 
Sadie breakout box "BOB" (1U rackmount). Includes v3.70.05 Sadie editing 
software, includes PQ editing features and ability to write redbook CD 
premasters or DDp masters.

Note: The Sadie card handles all the processing and the host computer is there 
only for powering, hard drive and video interface.  For the most part, speed 
and RAM are not a big issue for Sadie.

Included is an NOS ICP rack mount housing with power supply and hard drive.

You put it together!

Pick-up rules, but I will entertain the idea of shipping to an interested party 
HOWEVER you pay the shipping AND my time to assemble it and pack it, to be decided.

Call Graham Newton at 416-444-3444 if you want to talk about it.

If nobody wants this then it goes into the next local electronic waste disposal!

... Graham Newton

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