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Bob Katz bobkatz at digido.com
Tue Apr 6 13:21:43 PDT 2021

Dear Jim:

I don't know what David is getting at. If you put your DAT machine on 
internal sync and lock the MOTU via SPDIF or AES/EBU it will do a good 
job capturing the DAT.

The major cautions working in this mode (slaving to the DAT) is some DAT 
machines revert to outputting 48k clock when they are stopped, so you 
need to ensure that the DAT machine is putting out the intended (44.1k) 
clock before you hit record in your DAW. And if you have a MOTU control 
panel, watch what rate it says it is slaved at.

Best wishes,


On 4/6/21 2:04 AM, Jim Brown via ProAudio wrote:
> I need to transfer a few dozen DATs to a hard drive for archiving 
> before it's too late to find hardware on which to do it. 20-25 years 
> ago when I was recording this material, I had a tower machine set up 
> as a DAW with all the interfaces needed to do the transfers. It's been 
> 15 years since that machine was booted, and it was more than ten years 
> old then. And I don't remember the logon. :)
>  So I need advice about hardware. I still have the Tascam DA-P1 on 
> which they were recorded, but I'm not sure it will live long enough. 
> I'll try it first. It outputs S/PDIF, so I need an interface to get 
> into my Windoze machines. All use USB, but I think I might have one 
> with Firewire.
> I found a MOTU 8D with USB 2.0 and S/PDIF I/O. David Josephson has 
> cautioned me that some interfaces may not sync well enough to the 
> stream for a clean transfer. Can anyone advise about this particular 
> product? The material is all acoustic jazz with important artists, so 
> quality is paramount. Most if not all of the masters are 44.1.
> Can anyone suggest another interface? Also suggestions of a source for 
> a good used DAT if mine doesn't make it through the process? I'll be 
> 80 in the fall, my last recording was 12 years ago, this project is 
> going to be a one-off, so I don't want to spend big bucks if I don't 
> need to.
> Thanks, Jim Brown
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