[ProAudio] 90 Min CRR?

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Sun May 3 11:21:21 EDT 2020

Hi, Lou,

I hold onto CDs and plan to as I consider them the "license copies" and 
also the backup for the files on my NAS and also backed up. The NAS 
holds FLACs of the CDs along with MP3s for listening copies. The MP3s 
are also forwarded to my personal Dropbox. I think the way the rules are 
written, the ownership of the CD allows me to migrate the recording to 
an alternate medium, but if I sold the CD, I would hve to delete the 
"backup" or "access" copy.



On 2020-05-02 11:43 p.m., Louis Judson via ProAudio wrote:
> You think I should hang onto my thousands of CDs?
> 2 issues:
> Will Amoeba still buy used CDs and Lps?
> and
> will i still be alive when the renaissance happens?
> Imponderable questions.
> <L>

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