[ProAudio] 90 Min CRR?

Paul Kraus paul at kraus-haus.org
Sun May 3 07:19:25 EDT 2020

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> On May 2, 2020, at 23:43, Louis Judson via ProAudio <proaudio at bach.pgm.com> wrote:
> You think I should hang onto my thousands of CDs?

I keep my CDs, but I generally play them once to ingest them onto my file server. 

I also tend to buy CDs from bands I cross paths with (that I like). After the show I stop by the Merch table and start negotiating price. I usually end up with a full set at a discount. Note that the bands I cross paths with are generally at a SciFi convention and I’m part of the sound crew.

In terms of listening, it is almost all via computer / device. Uncompressed AIFF or WAV files (or a lossless compression), I gave up MP3 artifacts years ago, except in the car where you really can’t hear them.

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