[ProAudio] stereo perception through headphones

Edward Gosfield III egosfield at charter.net
Thu Jan 30 16:52:21 EST 2020

David -

That's what i meant by HRTF - "Headphone Related Transfer Function".  I 
have tried several, some of which are available as plugins for 
foobar2000.  They have some presets and some variable parameters, 
although of course any adjustments I made have been arbitrary and 
ignorant of the actual technical significance.  They haven't fixed the 

I will look into Choueri - thanks

Len M mentioned individualized HRTFs and 'corrected' headphone EQ  (also 
presumably individualized for the listener) as helpful solutions, but i 
wonder how that could be accomplished objectively...not just 'sounds 
better'.  I tried a couple of methods, including teh procedure Linkwitz 
described, and some of the canned correction curves for Sennheisers 
available with commercial 'correction' software and it didn't impress me 
as a noticeable improvement.


On 1/30/2020 2:38 PM, David Josephson via ProAudio wrote:
> As Scott mentioned, most stereo recordings intended for speaker 
> playback translate poorly to headphone playback. There are some fixes 
> for that, most of which involve feeding some of one channel's signal 
> to the other channel with phase shift or delay. You end up with a 
> different mix for the headphone listener. See the research of Edgar 
> Choueri at Princeton for some recent work in this area.
>> On 1/15/2020 11:20 AM, egosfield via ProAudio wrote:
>>> Since the list has been quiet -- I hope this is not inappropriate:
>>> I am unable to perceive a virtual soundstage when monitoring stereo 
>>> tracks through headphones.  I wonder how common this is.
>>> I use them for tracking, but not for mixing or aesthetic editing.
>>> I can form a subjective impression of the timbre of instruments, 
>>> distance from  and characteristics of microphones, timbre of room 
>>> reflections, sometimes the size of the room, depending on apparent 
>>> reverb characteristics.
>>> But central signals always feel like they are in the center of my 
>>> head, and the subjective image extends outward from my head like a 
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