[ProAudio] Removing Crosstalk Was: stereo perception through headphones

Corey Bailey Audio Engineering proaudio at baileyzone.net
Sun Feb 2 10:06:27 EST 2020

Somewhat off topic but:

Some years ago, a colleague of mine (John Windt of Windt Audio) came up 
with a method of reducing the crosstalk on a 24 track recorder. It 
involved injecting a small amount of signal from the adjacent channels 
into the signal & phase cancelling some of the crosstalk. It actually 
helped somewhat but it made aligning a multitrack machine a real PITA 
so, the idea was abandoned. I remember trying to think of another use 
for those daughter boards.



Corey Bailey Audio Engineering

On 1/30/2020 6:44 PM, Edward Gosfield III via ProAudio wrote:
> But he also designed a stereo processing system which he intends to 
> "remove crosstalk" through a set of methods including a 'universal 
> filter', but culminating in individualized in-ear-canal measurements 
> and a software package.
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