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My first AES was 1973 at the LA Hilton downtown. Great memories there!  In ’78 I went to NYC and noticed the vibe difference between the two coasts… I absolutely preferred the NY show.

That being said, I’ve tried to make most of them in LA or SFO the last 20-years, but it’s just not the same.  I do understand the manufacturers not wanting to do another show so close to NAMM, but isn’t that the same reason they scaled back from one West Coast in May and East Coast in October every year? 

I’m sure it’s getting expensive, too, but the convention was always a huge learning experience for me back in the 70’s-80’s.  It’s sorely missed.

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> On Nov 03, 2019, at 2:12 PM, Bob Olhsson <olh at hyperback.com> wrote:
> A great deal of the professional audio industry we once knew, along with their customers have gone under over the past fifteen years.
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> …We can either embrace reality and make the best of it, or complain that it’s not like it used to be. I wouldn’t view a more user-oriented presentation as “dumbed down” at all. In fact it probably takes more smarts to present common impedance coupling issues to nonspecialists than it does to experts. I would encourage you to teach wherever you can and reach the widest array of people regardless of whether they look like old time AES members or not.
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