[ProAudio] Dolby Atmos Music, was Re: 4-channel program distribution format(s)

mark whitehouse mark at procopy.com.au
Wed Jan 25 19:58:41 PST 2023

With the cost of SD cards / Memory coming down massively
Do we think this might be an option?

even if it's packaged somehow?
 A 4gb chip these days would be a factor of 1000 cheaper than the Sonic
hard drive I once bought....


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On Thu, Jan 26, 2023 at 6:25 AM David Josephson via ProAudio <
proaudio at bach.pgm.com> wrote:

> That's the problem. As others on this thread have noted, there really
> isn't a physical medium for 4 or more channel audio content. Is anyone
> using Dolby Atmos Music?
> On 1/24/2023 2:05 PM, Chris Caudle via ProAudio wrote:
> > On Tue, January 24, 2023 3:38 pm, Richard L. Hess via ProAudio wrote:
> >> That's good to know, but what to put them on? DVD, BD, Thumb Drive (as
> >> WAV or FLAC, four files or one)?
> > What about lossless audio on Blu-Ray?
> >
> > There is even an AES recommendation on how to structure so you don't need
> > a screen to find tracks:
> >
> > AES-21id-2011 (r2017): AES Information Document for audio-file transfer
> > and exchange - Screen-less navigation for high-resolution audio on
> Blu-ray
> > Disc™
> >     Printing Date: 2017-05-01
> >     Publication History: Pub. 2011; Reaffirmed 2017
> >     Abstract: High-resolution audio, presented as uncompressed LPCM, has
> > been waiting for a suitable transport format for some time. The Blu-ray
> > Disc (BD) format offers such a transport and supports the necessary
> > linear and lossless codecs as part of its basic specification. While
> > many BD players can be found in home theatre and games environments,
> > there are some issues that need to be addressed before they can be
> > introduced into a hi-fi environment that does not have a screen to
> > present visual menus for audio stream setup and track selection. This
> > recommended method specifies a structure for authoring a BD ROM to
> > enable playback in screen-less consumer systems, and to provide simple
> > track selection from the remote control.
> >
> >
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