[ProAudio] Dolby A with no tones (was 4-channel program distribution format(s))

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Wed Jan 25 17:04:13 PST 2023


It all depends on the use.

For archival preservation copies, I don't touch EQ or do anything, 
thereby allowing some future engineer the opportunity to use better 
tools than I have available in the future to do something without having 
to undo anything.

However, for many projects, I deliver a preservation copy and an access 
copy which is EQ'd, de-noised, and whatever else is needed.

Of course I try to set the correct tape playback EQ (NAB/IEC) or some of 
the other variations listed in IASA TC-04 and use my ears for that, but 
keep it standards-based.

Noise reduction like we're talking about is a big concern, which is why 
I provide a raw and a noise reduced transfer, again, so no one has to 
undo something I did if it was wrong, and undoing NR is no where near as 
easy as undoing EQ.



On 2023-01-25 5:14 p.m., Jim Brown via ProAudio wrote:
> On 1/25/2023 1:16 PM, Scott Dorsey via ProAudio wrote:
>> all you can do is use your ears.
> Something that we ought to be doing a LOT more than most of us do. 

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