[ProAudio] Dolby A with no tones (was 4-channel program distribution format(s))

Richard L. Hess lists at richardhess.com
Wed Jan 25 12:44:47 PST 2023

It was...I saw a third 363 on Reverb and bought it so I now have three 
pairs of CAT 300 SR/A cards, but didn't need them, but I wasn't certain 
all four of mine work 100%. I do have a fourth 363 with SR-only cards. 
The Dolby A decoders seemed to be OK from quick testing (I don't have a 
working version of the tester, and besides, that's for CAT22s). I no 
longer trust the Cat 22s and 361 frames as the 363s seem to sound a bit 
better, but the big improvement is on the SR side between the Cat 280 
and the Cat 300...and I hear (but haven't evaluated) that the SR only 
cards sound better than the SR/A cards.

Anyway, the 185 nWb/m cal tape was most useful and I confirmed the level 
against a modern MRL 250 nWb tape.

If everyone completely and diligently follows the rules, the cal tones 
are unnecessary.

Speaking of this, the world needs software decoders for Dolby A, S, and 
SR. It seems as if we have workable decoders for Dolby B and C, dbx I 
and II, and Telcom C4. I have not tested, but the same folks who brought 
us the Telcom C4 decoder are working on Telefunken High-Com, Nakamichi 
High-Com II, and CBS CX (both versions). These three are subsets of the 
Telcom C4 pro system.



On 2023-01-25 12:54 p.m., Scott Dorsey wrote:
> Dolby A with no tones?  That's kind of terrifying...
> --scott

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