[ProAudio] 4-channel program distribution format(s)

Richard L. Hess lists at richardhess.com
Wed Jan 25 09:53:50 PST 2023

Hi, Mark,

Thank you! I was heading in that direction which is one of the reasons 
we did the transfers in 192/24--so they could be sold on HDTracks.com at 
the premium price. That is the lowest overhead for the small niche audience.

I think this is probably the best answer.

Thanks again!



On 2023-01-24 7:50 p.m., Mark Donahue wrote:
> Richard,
> All the interleaved multi-channel formats like flac and wav have 
> channel designators in the metadata, so you can distribute different 
> layouts. Most of the software for home theater playback recognizes 
> these designations and will play it back correctly.
> If it were me, given the Target audience, I suspect interleaved 
> multi-channel flac files are the way to go.
> As always, ymmv
> All the best,
> mark
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