[ProAudio] MD5 programs for Mac OS 10.15 and later on M1

Richard L. Hess lists at richardhess.com
Mon Jan 16 10:14:10 PST 2023

Have you tried this?


For those suggesting a more secure hash, I'm all for that, but the 
two-decades or more momentum is to use MD5s. We're not talking about 
James Bond spy stuff...we just want to know that Dropbox, our RAID 
array, whatever hasn't flipped a bit on us. I'll admit, I'm seeing 
virtually no glitches, but it adds peace of mind.

The thing that most of the suggestions are missing is that there is a 
workflow issue that seems to have become standard in some quarters.

 From a current quad project I'm working on, are two filenames--the 
audio and the checksum file:

The .md5 file contains one line of text

E7F0905235FBDBFAFE56FD52313DFA11 *Whale_Piece_LF_Decoded_M24.wav

This is produced by http://getmd5checker.com/ and it is a complete 
drag-and-drop Windows application for generating and verifying.

Prior to that, I was using FastSum, but no longer recommend it as 
md5checker is so much nicer to use and seems more stable. FastSum puts 
some commented out lines in the .md5 file.


> *Current version:* 3.3
> *For Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008/7*
> Link (ZIP) 	MD5 checksum (EXE) 	Bytes (EXE)
> English 
> <http://getmd5checker.com/downloads/Md5Checker/> 
> 	5932FE928F9BBBBD7CE502D44AB57616 	308,224
> Simplified Chinese 
> <http://getmd5checker.com/downloads/Md5Checker/> 
> 	E0EED0F39D038118F3249E13E59C425E 	306,176
> *For Windows 95/98/Me*
> Link (ZIP) 	MD5 checksum (EXE) 	Bytes (EXE)
> English 
> <http://getmd5checker.com/downloads/Md5Checker/> 
> 	961E7E4B4C3F96BE9A66AF6A93BC4120 	294,912
> Simplified Chinese 
> <http://getmd5checker.com/downloads/Md5Checker/> 
> 	C02C4A29EB996DC3164E58ABA6C0ABD6 	294,912
Now, I don't know if that could operate in a compatibility window of 
some sort on a Mac.

And although it doesn't list Win 10/11, the NT version works fine on W10.

But I read David's original question to mean something to do the whole 




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