[ProAudio] Amplifier suggestions?

steve mastercraftrecordings.com steve at mastercraftrecordings.com
Sat Feb 5 21:56:33 PST 2022

Hello Pro Audio Mavens!

I always get such good advice here . . . 

Currently running an Audio Research D400 mkii amplifier into a pair of modified Tannoy 1200s. I’m very happy with this combination, but concerned with the age of the amp. If the Audio Research amp was easily serviced, I’d just refresh the obvious components and keep using it, but it’s not. So, I’m thinking maybe I should make a move now before time runs out on it. 

What do you recommend for a good solid state amp these days? I’d like to keep it under $4000 if possible, so used is a likely option, especially if it’s field serviceable. 

Thanks in advance.

— Steve


Steve Puntolillo
Steve at MastercraftRecordings.com


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