[ProAudio] Microphones question

Dan Lavry dan at lavryengineering.com
Sun Jun 13 18:52:53 PDT 2021

That is not my approach. I start by defining my objective, then I do the 
best I can "from the ground up" to come up with the best circuit. In 
either case, when you just copy there is all sorts of lack of detail 
understanding. One needs to be at ease with complex circuits, to be able 
to quantify, to do transforms, to deal with stability... I respect good 
circuit designers, I like to push the envelop, and don't view it as 
trivial. I work hard for 50 years at doing a good job of it. Still doing it!


Dan Lavry

On 6/13/2021 5:55 PM, Scott Dorsey wrote:
>> But yes, I would agree that the basic principles of networks,
>> components, theorems and circuits are the same. I know that, I am a
>> circuit designer...
> Not a week here goes by that I don't make some money selling circuits
> stolen directly out of the RCA Radiotron Handbook.  Usually reworked
> with FETs these days, but the math is the same.
> --scott

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