[ProAudio] Can''t Burn CUE/BIN or ISO Files to CD

James Perrett james at jrpmusic.net
Sun Jul 18 02:05:39 PDT 2021

Do you have a full paid for version of Nero or do you have a free version
that came with a drive? Nero should be able to handle those files but the
free version will only work with the drive (or make of drive) that it was
bundled with.

What software are you using to successfully burn .wav files?


On Sun, 18 Jul 2021, 06:16 Jim Brown via ProAudio, <proaudio at bach.pgm.com>

> On 7/17/2021 8:38 PM, CBAUDIO wrote:
> > I'm embarrassed to ask but: Have you cleaned the drive? Sometimes, using
> > a cleaning disc will help.
> > The other thing you might try is using another USB port. Windoze will
> > re-install the drivers when a device is plugged into another port for
> > the first time. The other thing that might work is to completely
> > uninstall the device, then reinstall it. At least, this will tell you if
> > it is your PC or the device.
> >
> > Sry if I insulted your intelligence,
> No insult perceived -- I'm LONG retired, so out of touch with parts of
> the industry. I was not aware of cleaning disks. Thanks also for the
> ideas about reinstalling. I downloaded a driver from Pioneer, but
> Windoze refused to install it (several times). :)
> Thanks, Jim
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