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Mechanical meters to the full VU spec are hard to make, so yes Sifam ( now owned by Tinsley?) stopped making them.


However, they make some very close and more affordable VU meters from their presenter range, which are identical to the VU spec, apart from the attack time, which overshoots by a percent or so.


This is what we use in our VUs and they work very well (2U Stereo VU Meter - Crookwood <https://crookwood.com/vu-meters/2u-stereo-vu-meter/> )


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On 2021-01-28 12:55, Bob Katz via ProAudio wrote:

I thought that Sifam ceased manufacture of meters?


Looks like they are still advertising new meters:



Even have some meters with old style cases, but with LED lights instead of little bulbs.


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