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I tried to post this this morning, but hitting reply only sent it to Bob - apparently the server for this list works differently from the SAC list, which takes care of the "reply to" field automatically. Anyway, here it is ... I hope!

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I'll tell you what I know about vintage VU meters: internally, there's a series resistor, 3.9 kΩ usually, going to a copper-oxide rectifier and then to the meter "movement" coil, which I believe has a full-scale sensitivity of about 1 mA.  Electrically, even if the resistor is only a 1/4 watt type, an input of 31.2 Vrms or +32 dBu would do no damage to the electrical parts. I doubt that any mechanical damage would occur if the level slowly rose to that level and remained indefinitely. But if suddenly or intermittently applied, I'd expect that the "slamming" of the needle against the stops might bend the needle!
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  This list has been remarkably silent, but I am very grateful that it's around when I have a question to ask AUDIO EXPERTS. 
  Who here knows the acceptable rating of a standard mechanical VU meter above 0 VU with a sine wave?  If I recall correctly, they are designed to accept as high as +6 VU or even higher. For example, when doing testing of a tape recorder for headroom. It's still ideal to shut off the meter, but in some cases that's not possible. 
  Thanks and happy New Year! 

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