[ProAudio] Mastering and monitoring for spatial audio

CW Frymire cwfrymire at modernminstrel.com
Sun Apr 18 13:42:00 PDT 2021

Good point!    I meant a particular recording sounding/feeling the same 
to the listener as it does to the Producer/Artist, not every recording 
sounding the same....;)     I've been using two tracks that were 
recorded live and trying various surround panning methods on those same 
tracks.  It's quite astonishing how very minor changes in positioning in 
the 3D space can have a dramatic effect on the sound/character of that 
instrument and the mix overall.  Also, how the different panners sound 
different.    I've always thought that remixing without the 
Artist/original Producer involved was bad practice in general.....but, 
with immersive even more so, it's quite easy to totally change the feel 
of the song.

I think the biggest road block right now is the delivery format issue. 
Having a standard for delivery of a final file that contains both 
Binaural for headphone listening and Multi channel for Loudspeakers and 
the ability for the playback device to choose the right track is missing 
in my life.  Will it be Mpeg-H or ?   Or do we just deliver in 
multi-channel and let the binaural be created downstream like 
Apple/YouTube360 is doing?    It seems so counter to the past where we 
could proof the format before manufacture.    But, I guess we have 
always been subject to downstream processing..........

Bob Olhsson via ProAudio wrote on 4/18/21 12:26 PM:
> People confuse sounds "sounding the same” with a musical performance 
> engaging a listener the same.
> A real problem with immersive remixes is that the producer and 
> performers would have probably selected different performances if they 
> had been making their choices in an immersive format. I think this was 
> the main reason most attempts at creating new music release formats 
> have failed.
> Bob Olhsson
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