[ProAudio] 90 Min CRR?

Richard L. Hess lists at richardhess.com
Sat May 2 08:17:49 EDT 2020

Hi, Jim,

I have just about stopped making CDs. I'm delivering everything 
electronically, mostly via Dropbox.

Just a quick note that back in the day I was doing that, I did stock 80 
minute blanks, but I did find the last batch a bit shy of 80:00, I don't 
know if 79:50 would work, but I suspect that Mark Whitehouse's number is 
close to what I ended up doing.

But, more pertinent to your current issue, I stocked single-width two-CD 
jewel cases because I had LOTS of projects that wouldn't even fit on an 
80-minute disc. The good news for us is I got to charge for two CDs 
worth of "CD Prep!"

I don't miss doing CDs.



On 2020-05-02 3:31 a.m., Jim Brown via ProAudio wrote:
> I haven't mastered a CD for at least 15 years, and I've got an 
> informal project (a 1956 Kenton concert in Berlin) that runs just 
> short of 90 minutes. When I was last mastering actively (informally 
> for jazz collectors) I used CDRWin and 80 min blanks from a vendor I 
> trusted.
> Suggestions for my current project? Old vendor is probably long gone. 
> And are the 90 min burns likely to be playable on consumer players?

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