[ProAudio] stereo perception through headphones

moskowitz lenmoskowitz at optonline.net
Thu Jan 30 09:46:56 EST 2020

If you used you own true measured HRTF and added headtracking to the process and EQ correction for your headphones, my expectation is that you'd find you could locate sounds just as you do in the world.

This comes from a 30-year manufacturer of binaural and higher-order ambisonic microphones.

Len Moskowitz (moskowit at core-sound.com)
Core Sound LLC
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> egosfield wrote:
>  But central signals always feel like they are in the center of my head, and the subjective image extends outward from my head like a figure of 8 microphone with lobes parallel to the soundstage - mickey mouse ears.  I have tried various HRTF modifications with no significant help.  I still perceive central images in the center of my head, and the virtual soundstage is never in front of me.

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