[ProAudio] The High-Resolution Challenge

David Josephson dlj at josephson.com
Thu Feb 13 21:03:04 EST 2020

> On Feb 13, 2020, at 7:16 PM, Scott Dorsey via ProAudio <proaudio at bach.pgm.com> wrote:
> Jim Brown says:
>> Perhaps 20 years ago, Ray Rayburn told me about hearing a demonstration 
>> by Rupert Neve that he said clearly demonstrated the audibility of 
>> ultrasonic components.
> I wish this would stop going around, but Mr. Neve has said this many times
> in many different places and he of all people should know better.

I agree with Scott. I had a discussion with Mr Neve about this some years ago and he does know better, he was well aware that his observation was being bent out of shape to justify things that weren’t real. In this case, in-band behavior influenced by the edges of an out-of-band resonance. Modern transformers (with high permeability cores) in particular can exhibit behavior that isn’t captured in the classic models. 

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