[ProAudio] Ampex/ProAudio List Dinner

David Josephson dlj at josephson.com
Wed Oct 30 21:21:57 EDT 2019

Mr. Dorsey tried to entice us all to accompany him to a fine Chinese restaurant but the Chinese delegation preferred more authentic Manhattan experience, that did not have a durian growling under the table. A good time was had by all, Gabe Wiener’s memory toasted and many pickles consumed at Ben’s Deli on 38th Street. Left to right, Melissa McDowell, Kelly Kay, Jeff Segota, Adams Wu, Bing Lin (chair of the Guangzhou AES section,) Prof. Fan, Scott Dorsey, David Josephson, Eric Schilling and Bob Olhsson. The last three were having a roughly 50-year reunion of their time at KPFA in Berkeley.

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