[ProAudio] Verizon/Yahoo/gmail bounces

proaudio at bach.pgm.com proaudio at bach.pgm.com
Thu Nov 7 21:11:35 EST 2019

Some of you, who subscribe to ProAudio from one of the big free mail hosts, may have received notices that your subscription had been disabled due to excessive bounces. You may also have noticed that posts now come from the list, rather than from the original poster “via” the list.

Recently a lot of these companies tightened their SPF and DMARC policies to refuse relaying messages claiming to be from someone other than the actual sending domain. I needed to change the list settings to be sure the list wasn’t masquerading as the sender. The downside of this is that you don’t know who has sent the message. PLEASE SIGN YOUR POSTS until we figure a workaround.

David Josephson

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