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Hi Scott,

THX! I didn't think of GFI's. It will take about 50 of them but it's 
doable, a few at a time. As to the iso-circuits: Not in this house. This 
house was originally built in 1932 and has suffered several bad 
remodels. It was listed as a fixer-upper when we bought it (31 years 
ago) but, I had no idea until I really got into it, the initial buyer 
walk-through simply didn't show all of the gremlins.  The bedroom that 
was converted into a studio has no AC grounds so, I drove a stake which 
solved the problem. So, now the household neutral is, most likely 
grounded to that stake.

Bill Whitlock:

I read the part of your article that you pointed me to........THX.

BTW: I was the guy who introduced Deane Jensen to the Analog Systems 
MA332 in the 1970's. Which, will probably start another rant.

Apologies for the OT parts of this post.


Corey Bailey Audio Engineering

On 11/4/2019 6:31 PM, Scott Dorsey wrote:
> If you have outlets that are not grounded, install a GFI.  This gives you
> all of the safety benefits of grounding, and it allows you to plug grounded
> devices into the outlets legally.
> If you put a three-prong outlet into the wall without grounding the third
> pin, this is a code violation and you will find that your insurance will
> not cover electrical damage (even if it's not related to the grounding
> issue).  Installing a GFI makes it legal and safe.
> I suggest installing a GFI in every outlet box and pigtailing them instead
> of putting one in the circuit and leaving the other outlets downstream to
> be protected by one GFI.  It is legal to do that, but GFIs are cheap and
> the added cost is not great.  It is no fun to be hunting for a GFI somewhere
> else in the house which popped.
> Now, do be aware that although you get the safety benefits of grounding
> you don't get the noise benefits of grounding with the GFI.  So it is
> still maybe worth the trouble to pull a couple isolated ground circuits
> for audio equipment, laser printers, and the like.
> --scott
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