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Thanks David for solidifying my thinking!  Since I started teaching in 1994, I've enjoyed it and try to do it at every opportunity ... there are so many myths to de-bunk and explain. 

Not to brag, but I think my finest moment was doing an invited lecture at MIT about 10 years ago. An EE professor had seen one of my magazine articles and it reminded him that the vagaries of grounding and interfacing were not included in the EE program. The audience, about 300 students and professors, included a number of physics and electronics professors - which was a bit intimidating.  Only one took issue with my saying that a straight wire has inductance - but I explained that a straight wire is simply a segment of a loop ... he rested his case!

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Like it or not, at least the near-term future of AES convention-like activities on the west coast is in conjunction with NAMM. While some longtime AES members and activists see the relationship with NAMM as a mistake and a loss for AES, I don’t see it that way.Despite the excellent efforts over the last few years from David Schierman, Michael MacDonald and others solidly rooted in the west coast pro audio manufacturing community, there hasn’t been critical mass to support a big event of our own. This has much more to do with migration and growth of the industry toward the prosumer and away from the specialist, than anything AES did or could do. The few voting AES members who choose to be involved in governance made the choice to support the academic interests they represent. There seems to be more engagement from that part of the membership than from the commercial side.We can either embrace reality and make the best of it, or complain that it’s not like it used to be. I wouldn’t view a more user-oriented presentation as “dumbed down” at all. In fact it probably takes more smarts to present common impedance coupling issues to nonspecialists than it does to experts. I would encourage you to teach wherever you can and reach the widest array of people regardless of whether they look like old time AES members or not.David Josephson

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