This is the list server of PGM Recordings, the music recording company and record label founded by the late Gabe Wiener

We're happy to announce that the new PGM website is now online. After ten years in storage, the original inventory of PGM Recordings CDs may now be purchased, including several releases available online for the first time.

PGM is also the host for the professional audio [ProAudio] discussion list that Gabe started in 1995. PGM.COM is maintained by volunteers and supported by The Gabe Wiener Foundation. Contents ©1995-2010 by The Gabe Wiener Foundation, Inc.

The ProAudio list is a little different from most Internet discussion groups. It is open to anyone to read (about 800 people receive the list), but there is no advertising or commercial content, and the list is moderated by a group of audio professionals with an average of over 30 years of experience in the field. Please refer to Gabe's founding statement to see what to expect.

For information, to subscribe, or manage your subscription to the Pro Audio list, please refer to the list web page. If you were on the earlier Pro Audio list, your subscription has been migrated to the new one and, initially, set to the digest mode (one mailing every day, or more often if there's more content). If you would like to switch back to receiving posts individually, or otherwise manage your subscription, you'll need to log in and enter the email address where you receive the ProAud mailings. You have a randomly generated password, to get it you can click on the link and it will be mailed to you. If you would prefer to use an email interface like the old Majordomo interface, send a one-word email containing "help" (without the quotes) to and a list of commands will be sent to you.

There's also a new list, ProAudTech, which is intended as a place for discussion of theory, design and implementation of pro audio hardware and software in greater detail and depth than on ProAudio. While ProAudTech is, like ProAudio, loosely moderated by listmods chosen by the estate of Gabe Wiener, the choice of where to post technical content remains with the poster. Subscribers are urged to add themselves to both lists and unsubscribe to ProAudTech if the detail there is too much. To sign up, visit the ProAudTech web page.

Gabe also originated the Frequently Asked Questions file. The last complete revision of the original FAQ from 1996 is here.

For any questions about PGM, or the Pro Audio list, please email